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Friday, October 5, 2007

Eternal Perspective

Harry Blamires mentioned in his book The Christian Mind the idea that "A prime mark of the Christian mind is that it cultivates the eternal perspective" (p. 67). What does this really look like from the perspective of a professor and how do we communicate this to our students? It must be more than slapping a Bible verse on a syllabus or quoting Scripture throughout class. How do you cultivate an eternal perspective in your teaching? For the students who may be reading this, what methods have been most effective for you as a student learning about communication, business, government, etc. and this idea of cultivating an eternal perspective? What do you think?


schizobeck said...

Dr. Ventura,

Oh-ho! The Devil would think this one is funny! "Eternal thinking" apply to my life and study of communications?

Seeing how I "had" to go to Southeastern College of Assembly of God in 1986 for 6 months because I wasn't 18 yet and "had" to go and they not only didn't have a communications course at the school, they weren't even accredited until after I left, apparently so far in getting a degree in communications/journalism my college career can very accurately be described as "eternal"! LOL!

Fastforward about 10 years and I was able to actually take my first Communications 101 course through the help of tuition assistance where I worked. LOL! That's it, in 10 years.

My job got outsourced and I've been working at home for over 10 years and I'm 1 credit hour away from achieving sophomore status! A freshomore! LOL!

So, over a period of 20 years, there's still nothing much for me in the education situation, even though I'm a previous participant in elementary and high school gifted programs, a member of Mensa at whim and recipient of the Presidential Academic Fitness Award in 1986.

Yes, it's hilarious how "eternally" ignored and underpaid and otherwise treated unfairly women have been in mainstream Christian circles even in the 21st Century. No, not everybody, but certainly enough people should know better by now.

I actually mentally supported Mr. Robertson for president (was too young to vote then), but I believe that Mike Huckabee in particular is a chauvinist as is, I believe, Barack Obama.

I don't see the church stopping the corruption that is forcing me in the direction of homelessness much less being supportive of women in college, in fact I see them as willing, nay delighted, contributors.

If Ruth could be a judge in the days of the old testament, I see no reason to ever read a piece of literature or watch another show that states women should only get positions in the church after men have failed or rejected them.

Single women, spinsters like myself especially, need good jobs to support themselves, especially because so many single Christian women are rejected by their Christian families because of their singleness.

Read the bible cover to cover and realize there is no scripture that says to drive women into poverty, especially if they don't meet your sexual demands.

Please don't take this personally, I just think this is an area the church needs to put more effort into working on with love and lessening the hate.

Still a Christian but not believing the lies mainstream Christians perpetuate against women,


Alanda said...

Eternal perspective regarding life in general means continuously encouraging ourselves and renewing our mind with His word and doing everything wholeheartedly to God. If we do whatever we do as unto Him, then we'll please Him and probably have a wonderful place in heaven and will likely help other people get to heaven because they will wonder how we maintain such good attitudes in this world. In school that would mean working to make A's and following the Spirit.

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